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    The agriculture group also hopes to benefit significantly from a USAID plan to disburse over million dollars US to the provinces for agricultural projects in million over 5 years. The growing power of the clerics is only kept in harness by the return to power of the tribal sheikhs who have won for themselves some measure of political As Prostitute Samawah in in the new Iraq. Prior meetings with the Agricultural committee had examined several agricultural sub-sectors, and wheat, dates and rice production, coupled As Prostitute Samawah in related de-salinization and canal cleaning operations had been As Prostitute Samawah in discussed, costed and examined with a view to determining who and how many Iraqis would benefit from each project. Many families became desperately poor when the main "breadwinner" either did not return from the war or returned incapacitated. Even though there is currently a Baghdad inspired investigation to determine what role, if any, Lcol Ali played in the torture of four recent JAM prisoners, the prospects for continued security in the province appear to be good. Albu Hassan a dominant tribe 30, many JAM members. An examination of social, religious, economic and political activities generally addresses daily life in the province and seeks to identify those changes that have occurred. Al Sufran k.

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