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    Inside the walls of the Mosque are the names of the Prophets, the four Caliphs and Hazrat Hasani and Hussein, as well as the frescoes of Mecca and the towns of Anatolia. It lasts approximately 1 month. Turkish influence deeply impacted Tetovo and it was renamed Kalkandelen Turkish for "shield breaker", in honour of the blacksmiths of the city, who produced powerful swords and spears to reinforce the new Islamic presence. You see, there are some people out there drinks Want to have in Tetovo some large portion of them Greek, though there are others who are adamant that the country be referred to as the Former Yugoslav Republic drinks Want to have in Tetovo some Macedonia FYROMnot Macedonia. They have a good sense of humor and were just so damn welcoming everywhere I went. Rakija, a powerful brandy made from various fruits usually plum or grapeis a local favorite. No, no, no….

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