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    Itsuwa tries to check on Touma asking him if he is all right as she helps her out. Article Details. In the middle of all this, Saiji shooed the Knight Leader away with his hands telling him that Kanzaki prefers to lead younger guys than to be led by girls in Bentos Sexy Fray guys and then mentioned that Kanzaki has already someone she loves in Academy City. She states that she finds the figure, who can girls in Bentos Sexy Fray in flames like that, even more terrifying than Terra. Since then, I have to admit I've done some pretty crazy chocolate experimentation. Animal bars, those tiny pieces of kiddy chocolate that cost 10p, are nothing compared with the majesty of the Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Easter egg, and whoever invented the Chunky Kit Kat should win a Nobel Prize. However, every time she sees Touma might be in need of the usage of a towel or a napkin, her eyes shine in a strange way and she blushes strongly upon what she perceives as a "chance" to carry on with her "getting close to him" strategy; a usual comic foil of the series is Touma obtaining a napkin from someone else when Itsuwa was ready to hand him one.

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