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    Seeds of Terror is not a perfect book, the prose could in Zaranj Prostitute been crisper; the references clutter the main arguments; but this is a book that will be read and re-read as in Zaranj Prostitute by concerned citizens as by spooks in intelligence agencies, even as it sends chills down our spine and we fear, as did Peters, for the future our children will inherit. After the blasts, he took refuge in Karachi "reportedly under the protection of the ISI". Journalists, some self-indulgent hack once said, produce the first draft of history. Unearthing this "axis of evil" between drug traffickers, terrorists, and powerful elements within the establishments in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in Zaranj Prostitute Gulf that backs them, demystifies as much the so-called jihad in Afghanistan, but it is an equally strong indictment of American follies in Afghanistan. He pays them to protect his drugs. Dawood, wanted in India for the Mumbai blasts and accused in narcotics smuggling, has the dubious distinction of being the only person Washington has designated both a "global Terrorist Supporter" and a "Foreign In Zaranj Prostitute kingpin". But "instead of intensifying efforts to go after the traffickers and money-launderers behind the insurgency, the Bush administration pushed for a broad scale aerial spraying of poppy fields".

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