Judaism and Sex: Questions and Answers

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    See the two explanations of RaShi ad locum and cf. Many commentators subsequently understood the prohibition on masturbation as a prohibition on sex oral Israel in for Woman spilling or wasting of sperm. Being naked too often will cause the other party to lose interest, and makes it less of a special occasion, he suggests. Indeed, a famous Talmudic story suggests that at least one ancient Jewish rabbi talked erotically with his wife in bed prior to intercourse. With fellatio, i. Traditionally, premarital sex has been discouraged if not taboo, and in the contemporary Orthodox world it is strictly forbidden. Sex oral Israel in for Woman Ketubot 47b, s. The Talmud states that: Many of these laws, such as levirate marriage, are no longer practiced in Judaism. According to Jewish tradition, Michalthe daughter of Saul and David 's first wife, accepted the commandments of tefillin and tzitzit although these requirements applied only to men.

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