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    The age structure and sex distribution of the caribou remains primarily reflect stalking. Humanities ; Archaeology Abstract d on immature individuals caught primarily during their first summer on the breeding grounds. This is also true in terms of Sisimiut in Sex texting raw material preference, the introduction of soapstone artefacts and the absence of dwelling structures with a well-defined box-hearth. The inhabitants at Nipisat also hunted caribou on the mainland. Rangifer; Greenland, growth; condition; mortality; mandible; carcass weight; back fat; hunting; population parameters Abstract Growth and condition of the Sisimiut caribou was anlysed by means of mandible length, carcass weight, and back fat indices. Sisimiut in Sex texting same trend was found valid for geese, which increased over time while the importance of auks decreased. Carcass weight showed similar results, however cow growth rate seems not to prolong sexual maturation. Although resource exploitation at the site seems to have been very stable through all three phases, there are aspects of cultural change bridging the transition from Saqqaq to Dorset Cultures. At the same time it looks like, the central occupation area for the Saqqaq Culture shifted southwards from the Qeqertarsuup Tunua area towards Sisimiut and Nuuk. The slight shift in preferred resources may be explained by fluctuating abundance and availability of the game species combined with Sisimiut in Sex texting development of Sisimiut in Sex texting hunting tools. Sex and age distribution of mandibles from various materials and survival curves based on the same material shows — an uneven distribution between bulls and cows and a relatively large proportion of old cows in the bag from the last years, which seems to be caused by a light hunting pressure when the population peaked in the s. The Sisimiut caribou seems to be smaller than North American caribous, Greenlandic semi-domesticated reindeer and of same size or smaller than Scandinavian reindeer.

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